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MLB All-Star Game 2011 Results: Brian McCann Finishes Game Hitless, Robbed By Jose Bautista

Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann led off the second inning of the Midsummer Classic and faced Yankees reliever David Robertson. He was originally set to face Red Sox ace Josh Beckett, but he left the game with an undisclosed knee injury while warming up.

McCann got ahead in the count 2-1 and sent an inside fastball deep down the first base line. Jose Bautista made a remarkable diving catch in the corner to rob McCann. The ball was likely foul and just missed being a home run by ten feet or so.

As for the game itself, Roy Halladay worked two scoreless innings and didn't allow a hit or give up a walk. Matt Kemp drew a 2-out walk in the first inning against Jered Weaver, but Prince Fielder flew out to end the inning. Lance Berkman followed McCann with the first hit of the ballgame, a line drive single up the middle off Robertson.

UPDATE: 2nd At-Bat

Following a 3-run home run by Prince Fielder to give the National League a 3-1 lead, McCann came up to face Rangers lefty C.J. Wilson. He popped a 1-1 fastball up in foul territory and was caught by third baseman Kevin Youkilis. BMac left the game following the at-bat for Yadier Molina.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.