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MLB Trade Rumors: Braves, Phillies Targeting Same Players

Not only are both the Braves and Phillies locked in a race for the National League East, but both teams also seem to be racing against each other to make a deal before the trade deadline expires on July 31. According to writer Mark Bowman, both the Braves and Phillies have a shopping list that includes the same players

Reportedly Atlanta is in the market to acquire a right handed hitting outfielder and a right handed reliever. San Diego's Mike Adams has been mentioned most prominently as a target for both Atlanta and Philadelphia who has bullpen problems of their own. If the Braves could land Adams, it would take some of the strain off the back end of the bullpen that has logged a lot of innings thus far this season. 

A potentially expensive option for the right handed hitting outfielder is Houston's Hunter Pence. Bowman writes that both the Braves and Phillies could benefit from acquiring Pence but neither may be looking to give up what it might take to land him. The Astros would most certainly ask for one of the Braves young pitching arms in return for Pence and they have yet to show a willingness to do so. 

This just adds more intrigue to the division race with both teams at the top of the division in competition for the same players on the trade market. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.