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Braves Should Join Phillies In Creating 'It Gets Better' Video

Definitely didn't wake up this morning expecting to praise the Phillies for something, but, ugh, here we go.

The Atlanta Braves missed out on an opportunity by letting their apparent archrivals beat them to making an "It Gets Better" video in support of LGBT kids. The Philadelphia Phillies will become the seventh MLB team to participate, joining the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and others.

Yes, I know the Braves operate in the Bible Belt and have seen Roger McDowell, John Smoltz and John Rocker make embarrassing comments that range from homophobic threats to just plain ignorance. All the more reason to do it, right? And all the more reason why Atlanta's participation would mean at least as much as anywhere else's.

Really hoping to see the Braves and Phillies can come together for a good cause despite hating each other ... well, despite Phillies fans hating the Braves. Whatever.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.