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Opposite Day: ESPN Gives Atlanta Braves Way Too Much Coverage

Did you ever think you'd get a little mad at ESPN after seeing an Atlanta athlete on the front page of And not, like, an Atlanta athlete being arrested for dogfighting -- Tuesday night, the WWL's front page bore a photo of Randall Delgado with a Highlight of the Night logo. That's some pretty prime real estate usually devoted to either LeBron James, the Red Sox or POLL: Which NFL Team Has The Best Steelers Logo?


Here we have a Braves player getting marquee attention from ESPN, and it's stupid.


The illustrious mgoblog broke down the front page coverage across the Web given the Miami Hurricanes implosion caused by Nevin Shapiro, finding the only major outlet not to make it story No. 1. Brian shows SB Nation, the Sporting News, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC Sports and of course Yahoo! Sports have it front and center while ESPN is suddenly very interested in Southeastern baseball.


This isn't really a surprise, but in case you're just now joining us, right here is the incentive for ESPN to downplay the cratering of the Canes athletic department.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.