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Mike Minor's Trade Comments: Ultimatum Or Economics?

It was easy to interpret Atlanta Braves pitcher Mike Minor's remarks about a potential trade a certain way. That way being SALUTE ME OR SHOOT ME, of course, as multiple Braves writers took them as an ultimatum of sorts. When I saw them, it seemed like he was saying he'd prefer to be traded if he's not starting, as he feels he's good enough to start elsewhere.

Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer didn't quite see a gun pointed at anybody's temple, and Minor himself is saying he didn't exactly mean it that way:

It's a fine line, really. That's sort of the same thing, but less self-centered. He's saying it would be better for the team to find him another spot if they're not going to use him, not demanding they do so in order for him to win nine Cy Youngs. Right? He's putting himself in Frank Wren's shoes, not necessarily putting himself above the team.

But still, yeah, the original version did sort of sound like the kind of things players say when they're ready to demand things.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.