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Freddie Freeman Injury: Braves 1B Injured During Fielding Drill, Out 1-2 Weeks

The Atlanta Braves are already well into their 2012 Spring Training, but suffered a bit of a scare at team practices on Tuesday regarding their phenomenal young first baseman, Freddie Freeman. Luckily for them, the early indication is that the injury will not result in Freeman missing significant time.

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David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Freeman popped his right knee on Tuesday while participating in a fielding drill on Tuesday. It isn't a major injury, like the one recently suffered by Oakland Athletics third baseman Scott Sizemore in a similar fashion. O'Brien did indicate, however, that the injury was "more than a mild strain" and that Freeman is expected to miss 1-2 weeks of Spring Training.

The unofficial, early word is that Freeman suffered a sprain. The Braves had already suffered an infielder injury to backup shortstop Jack Wilson.

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