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Atlanta Braves Discussed In SB Nation National League East Preview [VIDEO]

The Atlanta Braves will face some serious competition in the National League East in 2012 and there are plenty of young players to keep the division going strong for years to come. There are three legitimate threats to win the division crown this season, and as many as four could be in contention for the two wild card spots.

SB Nation has their very own YouTube channel now and has been previewing the upcoming season. Our very own Amy K. Nelson recently took at look at the Braves and their chances within the division.

Here is a quote from Nelson on the Braves:

"The Braves might be the most interesting team (in the East) because they made no offseason moves and they had that epic collapse at the end of last season. They've got a good pitching staff and a good core, but Chipper Jones is hurt and they may need a little more outfield depth."

I'm inclined to agree, and an extra bat in the outfield certainly could help Fredi Gonzalez and the club along the way. With just about a week remaining until Opening Day, general manager Frank Wren is going to have to work quickly if he hopes to make any last-minute additions to the roster.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.