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Braves Expect Big Hitting From New York Mets

It's not really a secret to the Atlanta Braves that the New York Mets can really hit the ball. That is something the team has known over the past few years through their division battles .

Following Monday's loss, the Braves were asked about some of the big hits by the Mets, particularly the decision to pitch around David Wright which ultimately led to an Ike Davis two-run shot.

Braves skipper Fredi Gonzalez said it was the right decision to pitch around Wright, but the curveball that Davis sent over the fence was hanging just bit too much over the plate.

"I think it was ... I know it was the right decision, he just left a breaking ball over the plate and he hit it out. That was the name of the ball game. One pitch. But I thought overall Tommy was very good. He did a nice job for us, gave us seven innings. We just didn't score runs like we had been against Milwaukee ...

"... You look at the history that he's had against us. That's the right pitch, it's just out over the plate a little bit. Can't second-guess anybody. It's the right pitch, just out over the plate."

Hanson said the Davis home run is just about tipping your cap to to the other guy.

"I felt really good, and I still felt good [that inning]. I kind of threw around Wright right there and then put him on, and then Ike caught that curveball. I felt good and felt like I threw the ball well, just the results weren't there. That was the pitch I wanted to throw and he got it."

Dan Uggla has a lot respect for the Mets ballclub, but he didn't imagine his team would be 0-4 against them. "I never once thought that they'd be like a pushover or anything like that, and they haven't been. They've been clicking on all cylinders so far, and we've really got to bear down and be competitive.

"A lot of the attention was with the Nationals and Miami with all the acquisitions they made. But if you played against this Mets team the last few years, they've been able to hit. They've got a healthy David Wright. They've got some pretty good hitters in there that have a good idea what they're trying to do. Murphy's solid. Thole's solid. They've got a lot of guys in there that'll give you a pro AB.

"And they've got a healthy Johan Santana, and they've got a healthy David Wright, and Niese and Dickey...

"A lot of keys that, if they stay healthy, I don't think this is just a hot little start for them. They've got a good, solid ballclub...

"... even though I think they have a good ballclub, I never expected to be 0-4 against them. It's a funny game. We've got to obviously make an adjustment against them, because they've kind of put it to us these first four games."

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.