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MLB Draft 2012: Braves Have 21st Overall Pick In June

Who might the Braves target in the first round?

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The Atlanta Braves have built their franchise through developing prospects over the years, many of which were selected at the MLB Draft. For some guys like Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman -- who were drafted in the first two rounds in 2007 -- Atlanta has struck gold with their top picks. Other guys like Tommy Hanson, who was drafted in the 22nd round (with the 667th pick!), might not have been as heralded out of high school or college, but these late signees can undoubtably can be huge contributors for your club over the years.

At the 2012 MLB Draft, which will take place in June, the Braves will have the 21st overall selection in the first round. They will next pick in the second round with the No. 85 pick, followed by another in the third round with the 116th.

As for who Atlanta may target, you can bet they will consider a pitcher. The club always seems to take pitchers in the early rounds (Mike Minor and Sean Gilmartin, two left-handed pitchers, were the last two first round picks), and you can bet they'll look to find a corner outfielder as well. Given the draft restrictions from the new CBA, it will be interesting to see if clubs shy away from high school players given they will not be able to shell out loads of money anymore to convince them to sign.

We'll hear plenty more about the players the Braves are targeting in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to SB Nation Atlanta for complete draft coverage.

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