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Livan Hernandez Gives Rays Ballboy A Hard Time For Letting Grounder Get By

It's often a young boy's dream to be a ballboy for a Major League Baseball team, especially if it's a contender like the Tampa Bay Rays. The benefit of being around professional baseball players is immeasurable to young baseball fans.

This particular one may not be the next Evan Longoria, but he'll always remember the day Atlanta Braves pitcher Livan Hernandez gave him a hard time for failing to field a ground ball, going as far as showering him with sunflower seeds.

You have to respect the kid for taking it like a soldier and realizing he should've had that ground ball. Hernandez is trying to dap him up just to let so it's known he's only joking around with the boy, but he's obviously taking the mishap seriously and isn't about to get caught yucking it up with the opposition and he's clearly rocking a Rays jersey.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.