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Freddie Freeman Injury: Prescription Sports Goggles Expected To Arrive On Wednesday

Freddie Freeman's long wait for prescription sports goggles appears to be about over and he could return to the lineup as soon as Wednesday for the Braves. Freeman has battled vision problems since an early May series in Colorado. He has missed the last four games and is hitting just .150 in the 16 games since that Colorado series.

Freeman's problems stem from his eye not producing enough tears to keep it moist therefore making wearing contacts virtually impossible. He tried a set of glasses but didn't like the way his peripheral vision was effected. His only recourse has been to rest his eyes and treat them with eye drops for the last four days.

It took time for the goggles to arrive as they had to be specially made to fit Freeman's prescription and was compounded by a holiday weekend. Freddie Gonzalez stopped short of saying that Freeman would return to the lineup on Wednesday but it appears he would be on course for this weekend at the very least.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.