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Braves Vs. Yankees Not Creating The Same Buzz

There was a time when you heard the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees were playing and you knew it was time to make baseball a priority in the summer sports shuffle for that period of time.

Not so much anymore, though. Talking Chop reported that the opening series of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers averaged $1 per ticket more than ones against the Yankees. That's unheard of for having the Bombers in town.

But to think of it, there was the piece from SB Nation New York that pointed out how the Mets have become more interesting than the Yankees this season, that's even though the Yanks are still banging out home runs like its nobody's business.

This line from TC was really telling:

The real surprise is that Braves fans are already scooping up tickets for the season's final home series, against the Mets in late September.

Read more about the Atlanta Braves at Talking Chop and head over to Baseball Nation for more news, notes and analysis around Major League Baseball.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.