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Jair Jurrjens Says He Feels 'Not Wanted' By Atlanta Braves

Jair Jurrjens' minor league stint to try and get back to his All-Star self hasn't gone as planned, and with a lot invested in the 26-year old right-hander its seems the relationship between the Atlanta Braves and Jurrjens is starting to become sour -- at least, that's how Jurrjens sees it.

"I understand it’s a business, and they need to do what they need to do," said Jurrjens, less than a year removed from being an All-Star. "But you have feelings, and it hurts when you feel like you’re not wanted somewhere."

For after a month now, Jurrjens has been with Triple-A Gwinnett, where he's compiled an ERA of 5.56 and is 3-3 overall. Those numbers haven't been good enough for the Braves to recall Jurrjens to the big leagues, and when the front office by passed Jurrjens for after sending down Kris Medlen it didn't sit well.

"You hear stuff. When the Medlen stuff happened, people around here, my teammates, were like, ‘Wow, they didn’t even think to call you back up?’ People were asking me, ‘Did they say anything to you?’ It just shows me what I mean to them. It doesn’t feel good, but that’s OK. It’s business."

If Jurrjens want to make it back to major, it seems not only his performance will need to turn around but so will his attitude.

"All I can control is my performance," he said. "If I’m not in their plans, I’ll move on. But I’m not a Triple-A pitcher."

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