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Jair Jurrjens' Comments On Atlanta Braves Come Off As Silly

Following yet another poor start in the Minor Leagues on Friday night, Jair Jurrjens let it be known that he felt unwanted by the Atlanta Braves. Jurrjens has spent the last few weeks in Triple-A Gwinnett after being pounded by Major League hitters, and has continued to struggle for the most part against weaker competition.

Never mind the fact that he had just given up 10 runs on 12 hits and two walks -- Jurrjens also said he was sick during the game, but that's a different story -- but he did not strike out a single batter in his 4.2 innings of work. He continues to struggle with command of his fastball, and most reports indicate his velocity is only slightly higher than what is was with Atlanta to begin the year.

But for a guy who hasn't done much of anything since the 2011 All-Star Break, these comments sure do seem silly.

Jurrjens had a great first half of 2011, even if it was a bit lucky. However, after making an appearance in the All-Star Game he completely fell off, often struggling to get out of the fifth or sixth inning.

And in his four starts of 2012 Jurrjens walked more batters than he struck out. His ERA 9.37 put him amongst the worst in the game.

Yes, he had some solid seasons with the Braves in the past, but what has Jurrjens done in the last year that should make him feel like he has any right to hold a spot in Atlanta's starting rotation? It would be one thing if his ERA in the minors was low, but it's 5.56. That's bad for anyone, let alone a guy who thinks he deserves a spot with the Braves.

Jurrjens simply needs pitch better if he hopes to regain his spot in Atlanta. Moping and making bitter comments to reporters after giving up 10 runs isn't going to do him any favors with the organization. He's already being paid upwards of $5 million this season; the Braves have absolutely no reason to hope he doesn't turn it around.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.