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Chipper Jones Retirement: Braves legend taking in last homestand

Chipper Jones' career is nearing its end, and he's taking time to appreciate the final moments of the regular season.

Rich Schultz - Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have secured a playoff spot, and third baseman Chipper Jones is soaking up what is the final regular season homestand of his professional career. The Braves wrap up a series against the Miami Marlins on Thursday, and they'll host the New York Mets over the weekend.

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Jones is making sure he appreciates the games and the atmosphere. While on deck in a recent game, he took a moment to reflect:

"Just kind of looked up into the rafters and breathed it all in because I know it's not going to happen too many more times," Jones said. "And I just wanted to enjoy it. Just an old man taking it all in, breathing it all in one last time before I hit the bricks."

The Braves have clinched -- at minimum -- the top wild card slot, which means they would host a potential wild card matchup, though they are still mathematically capable of winning the NL East.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.