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NFL Power Rankings Preview: Ten Reasons The Falcons Should Be Consensus Top Five

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Really, really fun facts:

  1. Only three teams have more than three wins: the Falcons, Ravens, and Bears. The Jets may join tonight.
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  3. Only the Jets have a better point differential than the Falcons' +43.
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  5. The Lions are 1-4 with a +14 differential. Wait, that's not relevant. But it's still fun. Wheeeee!
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  7. OK, let's do 11 reasons then. Only two teams have beaten the defending champs, and one of those teams demolished the other. And only one team beat the champs in New Orleans.
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  9. With their 3-0 conference record, the Falcons are the top-ranked NFC team.
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  11. The NFL's longest winning streak belongs to Atlanta.
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  13. Our NFC South lead has opened to a half-game over the Bucs, after having held a tiebreaker edge over the Saints.
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  15. The Falcons have beaten the spread in three of five games.
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  17. Atlanta's defense has allowed fewer points per game than every team besides the Steelers and Vikings. And the Vikings have only played three games at the moment, so.
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  19. Top ten in points and yards per game.
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  21. Peter King and Trent Dilfer are out of excuses.
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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.