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Atlanta Falcons Vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Two Eagles To Watch (Besides Michael Vick)

Watch whichever Eagle is passing, yes, and the wide assortment of targets available to whichever gent that may be. But the most important member of Philadelphia's offense will be King Dunlap, who's either an 1890's logging executive, Coweta County late-night AM radio host, west coast competitive eating champion, or archrival of 1950's pro wrestler Moose Cholak:

Dunlap entered last week's game at left tackle after starter Jason Peters went down. The deposed monarch of Auburn, Alabama then gave up three sacks in well under 60 minutes of football -- and this week he's facing John Abraham, who just collected two sacks via three-time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas.

Dunlap is six-foot-nine and well over 330, meaning he'll find a way to envelop Abraham on many plays but will be beaten outside more than once. Also, he may actually be a competitive eating champion after all. As Moose Cholak himself once said about his own swelling frame: "This isn't fat. This is maturity."

Of course, it wouldn't be shocking to see Abe choose to rush from the other side against the more experienced and capable Winston Justice, putting Kroy Biermann in Dunlap's jurisdiction. Last week Abraham was given the choice of where to line up and elected to take on Thomas. We'll be fine with either Abe or Duff against the benevolent dictator of the west Georgia border -- whatever.

Not to be outdone, Trent Cole is looking forward to lining up against Sam Baker. Cole has 50 sacks in 69 career starts, and Baker is by far the most maligned Falcons offensive lineman. So far The Beard has given up more penalty yardage than sack yardage, though it wouldn't be a surprise to see a field position debit of each variety attributed to him on Sunday.

Cole is the best pass rusher the Falcons have faced since seeing James Harrison in week one, and their attempts at blocking Harrison didn't go very well.

I'm saying you need to watch both left tackle battles.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.