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Should Dunta Robinson Be Suspended For 'Dirty Hit' On DeSean Jackson? Here's A State-By-State Poll

Dunta Robinson's explosive shot to DeSean Jackson's chest, coupled with James Harrison's beheadings of Joshua Cribbs and former Bulldog Mohamed Massaquoi, has re-invigorated the national debate on what to do about helmet-to-hemlet hits in the NFL.

Was Robinson's hit a dirty hit?

ESPN's SportsNation has opened the floor, and America has spoken:


Let's peel back some regional bias here.

  • Obviously Pennsylvania's going to go red, and Georgia's going to go green. Duh.
  • DeSean Jackson is from California and played college football at Cal, which may explain some of that west-coast redness, though Cali itself is green since Raiders fans live there and yearn for violence at all times. I guess.
  • Texas, New York, and Virginia/Maryland house Philly's three division rivals. They're not siding with the Eagles on anything, though D.C. itself does.
  • Texas is also green because Houston Texans fans hate Robinson, and the longer he goes unsuspended, the less chance he'll wind up back in their state.
  • Robinson played his college ball at South Carolina. All SEC states are green except Kentucky, which is pretty close to Pennsylvania, and Arkansas, the only anti-Dunta state besides Maine and Wisconsin that's not touching another red state.
  • Arkansas? Petrino. Not a lot of Falcons fans in Arkansas. I can link to message board melees if you really want.

So looking at just the Midwest, Southwest, and Rocky Mountain states, what do we see here?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.