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NFL Trade Deadline: Patriots G Logan Mankins Still Available, And Falcons Need Offensive Line Help

While the Falcons’ interior offensive line has played well, the team’s tackles have struggled, especially LT Sam Baker.

With Patriots G Logan Mankins still disgruntled and available, the Falcons could consider making an offer. But GM Thomas Dimitroff developed his craft under Bill Belichick, and it’s tough to imagine two Pats guys finding a win-win deal together.

Then again, Dimitroff traded for Tony Gonzalez with fellow Patriots product Scott Pioli, so who knows.

Mankins has never played tackle for any significant period, so bringing him aboard would mean restructuring almost all of the offensive line. This one’s almost certainly not going to happen.

Plus he’s disgruntled. Arthur Blank put his foot down a while ago on that one. Gruntled players only.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.