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One Tree Hill Filming Character In Falcons Uni At The Dome On Sunday, Sparking QB Controversy #TeamIce

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You did not see this coming:

A production crew from One Tree Hill will be at the Georgia Dome shooting scenes for an exciting new episode prior to Sunday’s game.

A television production team will film actor Steven Howell, who plays Troy Jameson (No. 13), a quarterback recently drafted by the Falcons.

Howell will sprint out of the Atlanta tunnel wearing the current Falcons uniform. He will be introduced to the Georgia Dome crowd by public address personality K.D. Bowe.


You’re not sure which you’re more impressed by: this guy being a starting NFL quarterback, or this guy calling One Tree Hill “exciting.”

I asked my wife what One Tree Hill is, since she watches Vampire Diaries. She says One Tree Hill is sort of a Dawson’s Creek spinoff. One minute of Googling did not confirm or deny this, so I’m just leaving it.

It’s cool the NFL allowed the show to use official Falcons branding. Three years removed from being Dogfight Central, and Mr. Blank’s team is suddenly clean enough for something like this. Actually, I guess we don’t know whether Jameson uses his signing bonus to start a terror cell or whatever, so maybe let’s wait and see on that part.

Apparently the NFL had a hand in choosing which team could be used, though presumably the Birds were only chosen over other Southeastern teams, as the thing is filmed in North Carolina.

Check your boys out, America, we’re more teen-friendly than the Panthers or Titans!

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.