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Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Atlanta Falcons: Perhaps Chad Ochocinco Should Avoid Sending Pre-Game Presents

The Bengals are 2-3 and their boisterous wide receiver, Terrell Owens Chad Ochocinco is in a slump. His solution is the return of the trash talk.

He sent T-shirts to every Falcons defensive back with an image of a cartoon version of himself on the front with the number 85 and the words, "Mad Chad" on the back. This is his idea of getting his game back. You see, a quiet Ochocinco is an underperforming Ochcocinco. Or so the Bengals receiver thinks.

Ochocinco has played these maniacal mindgames before. In 2004 he famously sent the Browns secondary bottles of Pepto-Bismol because they would be sick to their stomachs trying to cover him. After a five-year hiatus, he sent deodorant to the Ravens defensive backs so they wouldn't sweat the matchup. All very clever but what does it mean for the Falcons this Sunday? It's actually good news.

In the aforementioned games the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson sent gifts to the opposing secondaries, he has been remarkably unremarkable.

October 17, 2004 The Bengals are 1-3 and Ochocinco dazzles the Browns defense with three catches for 37 yards and fails to score in a 34-17 loss.

November 8, 2009 The Bengals win the game, 17-7, to move to 6-2 but Ochocinco manages only five catches for 66 yards and no touchdowns.

Ochocinco is 1-1 in games he pokes the bear and has averaged only four catches for 51.5 yards and no touchdowns. He's also had only one game with more than 80 yards receiving in his last nine starts. I hope the Falcons' secondary accepts his gifts because they certainly have nothing to be worried about.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.