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Bengals-Falcons: Score Update: 3-7: Field Goal Makes It Four Point Game In Atlanta

With a Mike Nugent field-goal the Bengals are on the board. A long drive by the Bengals was due in large part to Cedric Benson. The 9 Play 58 Yard drive was one that had long run after long run as the Bengals pounded the ball. Benson was bruising as he busted tackles.

Carson Palmer however, looked less than accurate missing Ochocinco in the endzone. To me I am very surprised at Palmer’s inaccuracies. He just doesn’t seem comfortable by any means.

During the drive there was a call that could’ve resulted in a touchdown as Chris Owens was called for pass-interference. In my view Owens was going for the ball and it was in no way “interference.” For the most part Chris has done a nice job against Terrell and hopefully that isn’t me jinxing him.

Other than that the pass defense looks good, for now. But expect the Bengals to want to run the ball more and control the clock.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.