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Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Atlanta Falcons Video: Michael Turner's Long Run And Touchdown

Michael Turner 36-Yard Run

Michael Turner’s 2-Yard Touchdown

Behold! Two video highlights that show actual proof that Michael Turner is not a one-year wonder or a victim of poor playcalling. The Falcons have relied on Roddy White to take a 24-3 lead but it has opened up the running lanes for Turner to roll up 87 yards and one touchdown in the first half.

My fantasy start of the week is on pace for – quick math by me – 174 yards and two scores. Now that would be some sweet action if he stays in the game but with a 21-point lead already I get the feeling Jason Snelling and Gartrell Johnson will see a lot more time in the second half.

Check out the highlights via and stay tuned here for more updates as the Falcons run their record to 5-2. The Falcons, by the way, are 16-0 when they lead by 21 or more halftime.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.