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Bengals-Falcons: Score Update: 24-13: Bengals Making A Comeback

It seems that this defense doesn’t quite know how to take control of a game. Rather than forcing Palmer into bad throws he’s looked like a younger version of himself picking apart the defense on two consecutive drives.

This time however the drive resulted in a touchdown to Terrell Owens who made Erik Coleman look like a girl trying to tackle a wrecking ball.

Christopher Owens and the rest of the secondary is indeed “covering” receivers. But they are letting the receivers catch it which is not what the definition of “covering” is in the NFL.

If the Falcons are to win this game they’re going to have to get better pressure on the quarterback, but more importantly they are going to have to shadow the Bengals receivers much better, because at the moment it seems they don’t want to give up the big play and are willing to let Batman and Robin run riot in the Georgia Dome.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.