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Falcons Receive High Praise From Cleveland Media

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It's one thing to read about how awesome the Falcons have become on Atlanta-specific sites, but it's way better to read about the awesomeness when it comes from outside sources. Tony Grossi of The Plain Dealer gives glowing praise to the Falcons organization on and off the field.

Consider where the Falcons were when Dimitroff was hired as Atlanta GM in January, 2008.

Their franchise quarterback, Michael Vick, was a national pariah and on his way to federal prison for leading a dog-fighting ring. Their coach, Bobby Petrino, bolted the team after the 13th game to return to college coaching. The 2007 season ended with 16 players on injured reserve and a bunch of the healthy ones pining to play elsewhere.

Dimitroff was given carte blanche by owner Arthur Blank to change the culture in the Atlanta organization. He weeded out players and employees who didn't fit his "positive, passionate and persevering people" mantra.

He mentions the home run choices of Mike Smith and Matt Ryan and hitting the free agent jackpot with Michael Turner. Grossi also heaps large amounts of praise syrup on the defense:

The Falcons started a youth movement on defense last year. Now coordinator Brian VanGorder is taking the unit to the next level. The addition of cover corner Dunta Robinson has emboldened VanGorder to trust the secondary in single coverage. He is taking more risks on third downs with blitzes, and they can come from anywhere. The Falcons will throw some exotic looks on third down to confuse quarterbacks. The gambling strategy has worked so far. The Falcons have improved from 32nd last year to fifth this season in third-down efficiency. They also lead the league with eight interceptions and are tied for fifth with 10 takeaways.

The entire article makes you think the Falcons are the greatest team of all-time and the Browns have no chance. I heartily agree but then something hit me. Perhaps this is a trick designed to make the Falcons over-confident and look past the Browns to next week's revenge-minded game against the Eagles. Could this all be a ruse? I'm on to you Grossi.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.