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IMAGE: Deion Sanders Falcons Ring Of Honor Banner Preview

Atlanta Falcons great* Deion Sanders, currently working on NFL Network's pregame show while sporting a black suit, red tie, and Falcons pin, will enter the team's Ring of Honor tonight. He played five seasons in Atlanta, going to three Pro Bowls, earning two All-Pro team memberships, and running back a punt for a touchdown in his first NFL game. Among other things.

Here's a preview from earlier today of what his banner will look like when raised at halftime, via Jay Adams. It'll go up alongside to Mr. Falcon himself, LB Tommy Nobis, meaning the best player to ever play for the Falcons will be honored right next to the greatest-ever Falcon. There's a distinction:


* Yes, he's also a Florida St. Seminoles great, Dallas Cowboys great, San Francisco 49ers mercenary great, Washington Redskins decent, and Baltimore Ravens OK, Atlanta Braves pretty good, Cincinnati Reds all right, and New York Yankees prospect, and San Francisco Giants participant. But guess who's claiming him on Thursday Night Football?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.