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Ravens Vs. Falcons Score Update: Jason Snelling Touchdown Puts Falcons Up Over Ravens

With the Falcons driving and Matt Ryan slinging the ball it seemed inevitable that things would end in a touchdown. A 14 play 91 yard drive later and the Falcons have the lead 7-0.

On the touchdown play the Ravens sent a blitz and lost Jason Snelling in the flat. He would catch it run in the open field, bulldozer over a defender and dive for the endzone.

On the drive Ryan was extremely efficient on throwing one incompletion. The Falcons ran the no-huddle to perfection as the Ravens could not make the proper substitutions and adjustments to counteract the fast pace of the offense.

Here are some stats for the Falcons offense:

M. Ryan: 12/17 for 125 yards and 1 Touchdown
M. Turner: 5 Rushes for 11 yards
J. Snelling: 2 Catches for 33 Yards and 1 Touchdown
R. White: 5 Receptions for 41 Yards
T. Gonzalez: 3 Receptions for 25 Yards. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.