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Ravens Vs. Falcons Score Update: Falcons Cannot Put Ravens Away As Todd Heap Catches Touchdown

The Atlanta Falcons several times this season have kept teams in the game. On those occasions they’ve been able to close out to secure the win, this time they did not. Against one of the best teams in the league Atlanta kept Baltimore in the game and it has bitten them on the ass.

A 13 point lead, gone. All the stats, meaningless. The Falcons wanted the Ravens to stay in this game and they did just that.

Roddy White had a chance to catch the ball on 3rd down, he did not. It seems to me that Atlanta doesn’t possess the mental state of mind to put the sword to the throat early.

Sure the Falcons have looked decent for the most part but if you can’t put teams away early then your chances of winning the game are nil.

There’s still some time left in the game for a field goal. But it seems like there just isn’t enough time for Atlanta to escape this one.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.