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Cam Newton, Roddy White, And Toomer's Corner TP Fire: Around The Perimeter

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Dawgs: After every win, Auburn Tigers fan TP a tree on their campus. To understand the tradition, pretend Auburn is middle school and that tree is a youth pastor's house. Apparently a Georgia Bulldogs fan lit treed toilet paper aflame after Saturday night's loss. That sentence: exhibit 1,643 in the presentation on why college football is better than pro football. No word on whether Auburn was able to turn its water hoses away from paying attendees in time to put out the fire.


War Plaigers: The New York Times deigns to discuss Alabaman sporting events, pondering whether Auburn got what they paid for if they indeed did pay $200,000 for Cam Newton, as virtually nobody has seriously alleged. Favorite part: the Times summing up Newton's contributions by saying he's a "quick, agile player" and leaving it at that. Are those the two adjectives you'd use to describe Newton's unique play style?


Falcons: Roddy White continues his insurgent MVP campaign. Not sure why we're wondering who the NFL MVP will be. It's not like Peyton Manning has retired yet.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.