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VIDEO: Deion Sanders' Atlanta Falcons Ring Of Honor Ceremony

Thursday night at halftime of their game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Atlanta Falcons welcomed Deion Sanders into the team’s Ring of Honor. Owner Arthur Blank said some stuff, then a highlights video of Sanders’ Falcons career got the crowd going. You can tell plenty of people haven’t seen some of these highlights in years, maybe even decades. Sanders took the stage to say a few words, going for the Al Sharpton rhyme right away: “I wouldn’t be Prime … if you didn’t give me the time.”

Video of the whole thing, momentarily interrupted by tall hair bro and tall hair lady:

He says again here what he repeated on the NFL Network after the game — that of all the cities he played in, Atlanta was the only one he’d call home. While the Pro Football Hall of Fame isn’t like baseball’s in requiring each player to pick a team to rep, everything the Falcons can do to keep establishing themselves as Deion’s team will result in win when he’s inducted into the Hall next August.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.