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Sam Bradford, Boise St. In The Dome, And Will Muschamp To Georgia: Around The Perimeter

Dawgs: Blutarsky is surprised to discover nobody's biting on the rumor that the Georgia Bulldogs have contacted Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator about changing employers. On the heels of the rumor that the Colorado Buffaloes want to hire Mark Richt -- which, seriously, is not happening -- to boot. Muschamp is the coach-in-waiting at Texas, and with Mack Brown's sad-dog-with-booties-on-its-feet of a season playing out he might not be waiting much longer, though just about the only school in America that could afford to take a shot at outbidding the Horns would be UGA.


Cruitin': When are sports elders going to realize kids these days wear hats with no concern for which team's logo may or may not be displayed thereupon? We go over this every day.

Falcons: Does St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford remind you of anybody? Rookie quarterback playing above his level? Cool under pressure? Playing better than many established starters despite throwing to a bolted-together receiving corps and enjoying an offensive line made of fresh compost? You were thinking Matt Ryan until that last part. Bradford has played very well despite being the only member of his offense. Instead of snapping the ball to him, someone just sets it on a tee.


Dawgs: Boise St. Broncos against Georgia in the Chick Fil A Kickoff Game? That's the hot rumor. More to come on this later today.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.