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The Fake NFL Nike Pro Combat Uniforms That Freaked Everybody Out For Five Minutes

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This forum post at the Baltimore Sun contains mysterious images sort of purported to be Nike's Pro Combat designs for NFL teams. Oh yes, Pro Combat is coming to the league after a few years of making college teams unrecognizable to poor elderly fans.


The designs are fake (first clue, if you needed one: many of them use the same geometricky shoulder pattern seen on last year's Florida Gators models), but they're still an interesting conversation-starter on what Nike might end up proposing and delivering for NFL teams, who are going to be much more conservative than college teams. Tell a college coach that wearing teal and pimp print is good for 'cruiting, and he'll be all aboard. Oh, fake Jacksonville Jaguars, you are slightly less fashionable than the real Jacksonville Jaguars:




The design listed for the Atlanta Falcons is exceedingly dull, but we could all probably be talked into something like the New England Patriots Captain America mockup, right? RIGHT?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.