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Carolina Panthers And Tampa Bay Bucs Have Louder Stadiums Than Atlanta Falcons And New Orleans Saints? Come On, Son

ESPN's Pat Yasinkas says the Carolina Panthers' crowd is the loudest in the NFC South, based on their opponents' rate of false start penalties this season. But wait for the punchline! Tampa Bay's Raymond James Stadium, which has yet to fill itself to the point of allowing a Bucs game to be broadcast in Tampa Bay (which is a shame because they're the NFL's best team), ranks second, while the Saints' and Falcons' home venues tie for last.


The concept of sample size has not been applied here. Each team has only played three (Atlanta) to five (New Orleans) home games. Any false start penalties occurring in Charlotte are obviously due to the opposing team's eagerness to score and get Matt Moore back on the field.


The Louisiana Superdome is regularly regarded as one of the NFL's three loudest stadiums, along with Seattle's Qwest Field and Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium, if not the loudest. And the Georgia Dome is right up there on its best days, so long as the Braves aren't playing or there wasn't a deflating Georgia Bulldogs game the night before or that Sunday afternoon traffic isn't acting up *whistles* or [other Atlanta excuses].

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.