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Packers-Falcons Score Update: Tony Gonzalez Scores Touchdown In The Redzone

Aaron Rodgers had his first fumble of the year, thank goodness for Atlanta’s sake it was today. After the Falcons defense gave up completion after completion they tightened their grip in the Red-zone holding Rodgers and forcing the turnover.

With that Matt Ryan took control and marched the team down in a time consuming drive (6 minutes to be exact). It left 12 seconds on the clock and Tony Gonzalez caught the touchdown to put Atlanta up 10-3.

We have to thank our lucky stars twice.

First, the fact that Rodgers fumbled the ball astounds me. He’s usually one to take care of the ball.

Second, the fact that the Packers didn’t review that Gonzalez 4th down reception that by all accounts was incomplete.

But that’s what you get in this league, it’s up to your team to capitalize and make your own fortunes. The touchdown pass was no luck, that was execution, so for all you fair-weather fans remember that as you try to dismiss the lone touchdown for either team today.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.