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Packers-Falcons Score Update: Atlanta Gives Up Their Usual 3rd Quarter Touchdown, 10-10

Big chunks of yards is the utter definition of what the Atlanta Falcons defense gives up. On the last Packers drive Aaron Rodgers picked and chose who and what he wanted as he ran in for what was an obvious draw play.

It’s probably safe to say that Green Bay “deserved” a touchdown as they have looked just as good on offense as Atlanta, but that’s not how the NFL works. If everything was “fair and equal” we’d see a lot more clarity.

But enough of that. Atlanta needs to make sure they contain Aaron Rodgers. The Packers offense is Rodgers, the buck stops with him. Contain him and you can contain the entirety of that football team, it’s not always as simple as that but it seems sometimes the defense forgets about him.

Atlanta now has the ball and is looking to equalize, though they looked like a frozen caveman at 40 yard line last time.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.