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Packers-Falcons Injury Update: Jason Snelling Down Return Is Questionable

Jason Snelling went down on Sunday and it appears his questionable is return. He was much needed on that last offensive drive for the Falcons as they couldn’t complete a crucial 3rd down.

The defense now has this game to lose (or win depending on your perspective). Rodgers has been brilliant all day long and is a fantasy stud. It’ll be a frustrating ride to the end of the game with 7 minutes 30 left on the clock, plenty of time for the Packers to get that game tying touchdown.

John Abraham and the front-four have to step up and get pressure on the Packers All-Pro QB and the secondary has to shutdown the receivers.

So far it appears that the likes of Brent Grimes, Thomas Decoud and William Moore have been able to limit some of the deeper throws, but they have to rap up the ball-carrier and limit their yards after the catch. 

Aaron Rodgers maneuvarability has killed the Falcons at time and he's been the Packers leading rusher. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.