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Bucs-Falcons Injury Update: John Abraham And Roddy White Injured

Both Roddy White and John Abraham are injured, oh crap.

First let’s deal with Abraham, it appears that he went down with a bit of a stinger as a team-mate ran into him as he was down. J.A. has been very productive this year already exceeding last year’s sack total. Today the Falcons have been less than stellar in pass-defense but they can’t blame it on the pass-rush.

Now, the bad news, Roddy White is going to the locker room to check on his knee as he was playing through some “pain.” Roddy said he was fine but the trainers want to check up on him. He walked off under his own power so don’t be overly concerned, but it isn’t anything to be particularly happy about, keep your eyes peeled.

As I write this Todd McClure also went down, crap, oh crap. Joe Hawley the Rookie out of UNLV came in for McClure and with that move the Falcons failed on fourth down.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.