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Bucs-Falcons Score Update: 27-21 Michael Spurlock Busts The Falcons Special Teams

And just like that the Buccaneers are back in it in a matter of seconds. The Atlanta Falcons special teams, have for the most part been abysmal in kickoff coverage. Once again they show their inability to tackle giving Tampa Bay life.

Just after the Falcons had driven down the field and kicked the field goal Tampa Bay gets back at them with the touchdown.

If the Falcons want to win this one, their going to have to stop giving up the big play, period. Tampa Bay has done a great job of keeping their team in it. They tried to work their trickery on the Falcons with the onside kick, but it failed with an illegal touch. It’s no doubt now the Buccaneers are for real, remember Josh Freeman has four come from behind wins in his career. Atlanta has to control the ball and has to make sure that they put up big time points, because Tampa can and will too.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.