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Dallas Cowboys Fire Former Atlanta Falcons Coach Wade Phillips, Really Should Hire Bobby Petrino

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After one of the most disappointing opening halves any NFL team has ever endured, the Dallas Cowboys have fired head coach and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, naming offensive coordinator Jason Garrett as his replacement. Philips has coached the Cowboys since 2007, failing to restore the shine to Big D or the team to America's Team.


When Dan Reeves was let go as Atlanta Falcons coach in 2003, the team promoted Philips from DC to interim head coach. He managed to go 2-1 and knock the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of playoff contention, bringing the Falcons record to 5-11. Though in Reeves' defense, QB Michael Vick was injured for almost the entire season. Philips was not retained when Jim Mora Jr. took over.


Though Garrett is the Cowboys coach right now, names are flying all over as to who owner Jerry Jones may want to hire as head coach next year. Well, let's think about this. Jones likes promoting big names, producing big offenses, taking on big risks, and trying to dominate big personalities. He was a student and football captain the University of Arkansas and has remained a lifelong Razorbacks fan. Yes. Embrace it. Here it comes. You're about to look at it.




"Down here, Jerry."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.