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NFL Playoffs: Falcons And Eagles Have Easiest Roads To NFC Postseason

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The NFL playoffs are just over five weeks away, and the Atlanta Falcons are leading the NFC. But can they stay there? Our Philadelphia Eagles bros at Bleeding Green Nation have crunched the numbers (AND BOOED AT THEM), finding the Falcons and Eagles have the easiest remaining schedules among all NFC contenders. Remaining slates for both teams clock in with .400 winning percentages.


The Birds have the Buccaneers, Panthers, Seahawks, Saints, and Panthers left. The Eagles have the Texans, Cowboys, Giants, Vikings, and Cowboys. But hold the phone -- the Cowboys have turned it around since dumping Wade Philips for Jason Garrett. If it weren't for a Roy Williams fumble, they'd be on a 3-0 streak and would've knocked off the defending champs on Thanksgiving.


Far be it from us to be biased on the matter of whose schedule is easier, as this is SEC country, but considering the Cowboy comeback it's hard to say any NFC team has a more forgiving playoff path than the Falcons do. The Panthers games alone should bring Atlanta to 11 wins.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.