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NFL Week 14, Atlanta Falcons Vs. Carolina Panthers Score: 17-7, Falcons Lead Cut To 10

The Atlanta Falcons received the second half kickoff but failed to move the ball. That may have been a mistake. The Carolina Panthers, after a historically bad first half, drove 81 yards in five plays behind a 48-yard run by Jonathan Stewart and a 13-yard touchdown by Mike Goodson to cut the Falcons lead, 17-7.

Watch the video of Stewart's 48-yard run

The Falcons run defense has been stout this season but they have been known to have lapses allowing long runs, as was the case here. Up 10 in the third quarter against a 1-11 team is still a good position to be in but the Falcons would be wise to answer with a touchdown of their own. Letting teams with nothing to play hang around is always a bad idea.

Stewart has nine carries for 67 yards and Goodson has 43 yards one six carries and the touchdown. After gaining only 33 yards in the first half, the Panthers have 114 now.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.