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Falcons Vs. Seahawks Score: 7-7, Jason Snelling Touchdown Concludes 15-Play Drive

After a 12-play road trip by the Seattle Seahawks to open the game, the Atlanta Falcons retorted with a drive that doesn’t even seem possible: 15 plays in almost nine minutes, but only 51 yards?

Two controversial fourth-and-one conversions, one each by Matt Ryan and Michael Turner, dragged the thing out just about as far as possible. Ryan finally put the drive out of its mercy with a three-yard pass to Jason Snelling at the goal line. Snelling has missed a few weeks in a row, so it’s nice to see him score in his return.

Ryan is six-of-eight for 52 yards so far, with Roddy White’s 20 leading the team. Turner has 19 yards on five attempts.

The Seahawks punted on their next drive, and the Falcons are driving again into Seattle territory. White just converted a third down near the 30 by falling on a Snelling fumble, proving God doesn’t smile on only the Philadelphia Eagles.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.