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Falcons Vs. Seahawks Score: 10-10, Matt Ryan Interception Sets Up Tying Field Goal

The Atlanta Falcons put together their second ages-long 51-yard drive of the game, a 14-play event ending in a Matt Bryant field goal. After getting the ball back, QB Matt Ryan threw a pick to Seattle Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux, brother of Jonathan.

The Seahawks didn’t move the ball very far, but mustered an easy Olindo Mare field goal. As we’ve seen three half-quarter adventures so far, the first half is almost over after both teams combined for only 214 total yards of offense.

The Falcons are leaning on RB Michael Turner, especially after a pair of fumbles by — and a minor injury to — Jason Snelling. Turner has carried the ball 12 times for 30 yards, a humble average but one that’s hopefully softening up the Hawks defense for a more Falcons-friendly second half.

Marshawn Lynch leads the way for Seattle’s offense, posting 32 yards on the ground and 17 via the air.

The Falcons are running a no-huddle, two-minute offense now, converting a first down and calling their first time out around their own 30-yard line.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.