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Atlanta Falcons Vs. Seahawks Halftime Score: 17-10, Matt Ryan Leads Two-Minute Drill

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan made up for a somewhat struggly first half with an absolutely beautiful lob to hit WR Michael Jenkins in stride in the end zone, giving Atlanta a 17-10 lead at the half. The Falcons charged 80 yards in 13 plays, proving even the Atlanta two-minute offense requires at least a dozen plays. The Falcons ran the no-huddle with great success, leading you to wonder why they don’t do it almost all the time, as you always do when they run the no-huddle.

That was a really pretty pass, and it came just as Ryan took a heavy shot from a Seahawks blitz.. And it came at the right time too, as Ryan has sprayed some passes around the field today. He’s 14 of 26 for 130 yards, two touchdowns, and a pick.

The Falcons have run 44 offensive plays to Seattle’s 22. Really more like 21, since the last one was a kneel-down to kill the half. If the Seahawks defense isn’t just about ready to crumble, it’s got to be getting close. #homer

Seattle will need to take advantage of Atlanta’s typical third-quarter defensive lapses, but it’s hard to say whether they have the passing game to do it. Matt Hasselbeck is averaging a meh 5.7 yards per attempt.

Falcons get ball first.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.