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Tyler Brayton Video, 7-1 Thrashers, And Enjoy Mike Bobo: Around The Perimeter

Falcons: Remember that Sal Alosi thing? New York Jets strength coach who came up with the idea all by himself -- with no input from any of his bosses ;) ;) ;) -- to have some associates join him in forming a sideline wall so they could impede Miami Dolphins special teamers? Turns out the Carolina Panthers go for more of a free-form approach. Here's video of Carolina's Tyler Brayton running from the bench to the sideline in time to clock Atlanta Falcons CB Christopher Owens in the side of the helmet.



Thrashers: Two sides of the Atlanta Thrashers 7-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils the other night: via Bird Watchers Anonymous, our Thrashers community, and via In Lou We Trust, our Devils community. Can you spot the differences?


Dawgs: Get The Picture explains why Georgia Bulldogs offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will be retained for the 2011 football season. There's more to the job than calling plays you like -- none of it more important than quarterback development, and it would be hard to say Aaron Murray isn't coming along just fine.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.