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NFL Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings: NFC South Edition

With two weeks remaining in most fantasy seasons, your lineup decisions become even more important. Hopefully, you play in a league that uses the two-week playoff method. It's the best way to make sure the better team wins. Also, if you're playing a league that stops in Week 16, find a new one. The whole point of fantasy football is to play the entire season and to not play Week 17 just because some key players could sit out cheapens the championship. If you're not playing in Week 17, you might as well play roto and award the title to the team with the most points.

To find out which players will help you win your championship, we need to look back at how they've done recently. Past performance is a great indicator of future success so we take a look at a few players who've done well over the last four weeks.

Looking Back

Saints' QB Drew Brees has been carrying most fantasy teams and has been the fantasy MVP of the NFC South over the past four weeks.

Falcons' RB Michael Turner disappointed in Seattle last week but he's been on a tear over the last four games averaging over 18 fantasy points in standard scoring.

Bucs' QB Josh Freeman is a fantasy owners dream. A player that is going to get you double-digit points every week. He's the anti-Jay Cutler and has maintained his spooky consistent throughout the entire season.

Falcons' QB Matt Ryan hasn't been piling up the yards but he's been active in the red zone and threw three touchdowns against the Seahawks. Like Freeman, he's never going to kill you with a five-point effort.

Panthers' RB Jonathan Stewart has returned with a flurry averaging over 12 fantasy points over his last four games. He's splitting time with Mike Goodson but there is plenty of points to share.

Panthers' RB Mike Goodson, as noted above, is splitting time with Stewart but each has been a solid fantasy play over the past month. The Panthers know they have to run to be competitive and Goodson has taken advantage.

Saints' WR Marques Colston is back to being Brees' favorite target. With the Saints running game uncertain, Colston has stepped up and averaged 12 fantasy points in his last four games.

Buccaneers' RB LeGarrette Blount has been hot-and-cold lately. He's followed a bad game with a good game over the past four weeks but his good games have made up for a few clunkers here and there.

Saints' RB Chris Ivory missed last week with an injury but he's still averaging over 11 fantasy points per game over his last four. If he's healthy, he's the lead back in New Orleans and a solid play.

Players Rising Up

These players have the best matchups and I expect them to carry many fantasy teams in their playoffs.

Michael Turner: Turner has a very easy road over the next two weeks against the Saints and Panthers. Both run defenses are near the bottom of the league and Turner is basically matchup-proof. Sit back and enjoy the points.

LeGarrette Blount: Blount faces the Seahawks and Saints the last two weeks and should finish 2010 with a flurry. He's becoming a must-start and facing two poor run defenses should make you look really smart for scooping him up off waivers.

Tony Gonzalez: Gonzalez has been disappointing this season but still ranks in the Top 10 of tight ends thanks to the plethora of injuries that befell that position this season. With easy matchups against the Saints and Panthers remaining, Gonzalez will make you forget all about his early season struggles.

Players Falling Down

These players have the worst matchups and I expect them to disappoint over the last few weeks.

Matt Ryan: Ryan faces two of the better pass defenses over the next weeks in New Orleans and Carolina. It's a tough matchup for Ryan and I expect the Falcons to rely on the running game. If you have better options, Ryan should take a seat.

Roddy White: I know what you're thinking. Bench White? Never! Hear me out. Over his last four games, he's averaging seven fantasy points and now he faces two of the top pass defenses in the league. You're probably playing him anyway, heck, I would too but just adjust your expectations.

Carolina Panthers RBs: We talked about how great Stewart and Goodson have been playing but now is not the time to just plug them in and forget it. Their schedule the final two weeks is brutal. They face the Steelers and Falcons, two of the top five run defenses in fantasy football. I know that both running backs had good days against the Falcons two weeks ago but I chalk that up to the Falcons having a big lead. If you have other options, the Carolina running game should be grounded.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.