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NFL Playoff Picture: Falcons Vs. Michael Vick And The Eagles In The NFC Championship? Oh, It Could Happen

We’ve seen it coming since, well, shortly after the Atlanta Falcons played the Philadelphia Eagles early in the season in a game Michael Vick missed — Vick could reacquaint himself with his old team in the playoffs with the Super Bowl on the line. As far as storylines go, this is the big one. Other than Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady for the 100th time, this is ESPN’s (and the NFL’s) rooting interest. But is it likely to happen?

Yep. As likely as any NFL playoffs event can be, of course, which is to say it’s as likely as nobody claiming to see Jesus in a piece of toast today. But based strictly on matchups and where teams stand at the moment, we can conclude there’s a storyline beast slouching towards the Georgia Dome, waiting to be born.

Vick’s team (they’re called the “Eagles”) is currently in line to host the Packers in the first round. If they win that game, they’ll then travel to play the Bears. They win that game, and the Falcons beat the Saints or NFC West champion, and ultimate television midair collision ensues.

If the Bears lose this week and the Eagles win both of their last games, however, Philly will have home field, putting Vick one step closer to the Dome. Both the Falcons and Eagles still have two games to win to get to that point, but it’s worth eying in nervous curiosity.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.