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Saints Vs. Falcons Update: Roddy White Held To Three Catches Through Third Quarter

Atlanta Falcons WR Roddy White has made himself a key character in Atlanta Falcons-New Orleans Saints rivalry history this week. By which I’m referring to his Twitter outburst, not his impact on tonight’s game, though he is drawing quite a bit of attention from New Orleans defenders before, during, and after snaps.

While White leads the Falcons in receiving yards with 43, he left a few more on the field by dropping a first-down conversion. He has opened the field for Michael Jenkins to possibly end up with one of his best games of the past few seasons — Jenkins has five catches, tying his season high.

Mike Smith sat White for one play on the Falcons almost-touchdown drive after a late hit on Matt Ryan got the receiver good and stirred up. Other than that, he hasn’t been involved in as many post-play scuffles as you might’ve expected after such a heated week of chatter.

White also grabbed the touchdown that remains Atlanta’s only score. His excellent blocking hasn’t been much of a factor, as Michael Turner’s runs have largely been directed up the gut, to little avail.

It’s worth noting Turner’s one breakout run, a 27-yarder, came to the sideline, but I’m just talking out my butt because I really don’t know whether it was to White’s side. You can pretend you didn’t read this paragraph if you like.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.