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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Atlanta Falcons Can Clinch In Week 14 Four Different Ways

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As we enter week 14, the NFL playoff picture is coming into focus, which the kind of thing that really feels like a cliche when you type it, and kind of doesn't make sense, because once a picture's been taken it's either already in or out of focus for good. As I was saying, the 10-2 Atlanta Falcons can clinch a playoff spot this week. The Patriots, Jets, and Steelers can also clinch -- here's a look at each of their playoff scenarios.


The Birds need to beat the Carolina Panthers, obviously. But they need a little bit of help around the NFC too. The Falcons clinch if they beat the Panthers and any of the following happens:


There's also a complicated scenario that would require the Falcons to tie. The good news? All three of those critical games are road games. While the Falcons have their sights far beyond just making the playoffs, it would be an important milestone and a bar against total disaster if the team has a couple crappy games down the stretch.


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.