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Quick Look Back: The Gonzalez TD

Here’s your link to the video.

Analysis: Falcons are in a shotgun, three wide, Gonzalez at Tight End, Snelling in the backfield. Roddy’s route is an out and in, Gonzelez runs a deep slant or post, Finneran runs a curl route, and it’s unclear what Douglas’s route was because he never broke contact with his man. If you pause the video at about the 3 second mark, you can see that all of the routes are very well covered, even Snelling, who’s attempting to slip out in the flat. Watching Matt Ryan’s head, he never turns to look at either side, so he seems to be watching Gonzo all the way.

Gonzo was the first read, and this was more timing than anything else, as Ryan throws just as Gonzo cuts to make a bit of space. It’s a great throw into a tight spot, and a great catch by Gonzalez to haul it in with a man on him. This play is pure execution over design, since the Saints did everything possible on defense and still weren’t able to prevent this TD reception.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.